lørdag, november 01, 2014

Microsoft development

sPeople is very experienced with development tasks in the Microsoft/Windows domain. We can help You with both development projects and system integrations where Microsoft technology is involved. Our development track record includes:

  • Construction of server side (server-to-server) integrations involving the microsoft stack.
  • Construction of data-driven COM+ and .NET objects for specialized purposes
  • Embedding ActiveX technology in your existing applications
  • Extending your application with additional Win32-based controls and UI elements
  • Construction of .NET assemblies for other applications or platforms (for example Microsoft Dynamics CRM)
  • Toolbars and plugins for browsers and MS Office applications

We have experience with most common Microsoft platforms and products, including SQL Server, Exchange Server, BizTalk, SharePoint, Internet information Server, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows, Office, etc.

Our work is tracked and documented using Visual Studio Team System which ensures effective collaborative development with multiple team members, bugtracking, source code management, and long-term support.

Give is a call to discuss your project.

Microsoft ISV Certification

In addition to generic development tasks sPeople can also assist you in meeting the requirenments of the official Microsoft ISV certifications for your company and your software.

If you already have a software product built for the Windows platform why not leverage your investment by showing the world you are complying with best-practice development guidelines from Microsoft?

For a better overview of the ISV certification process and the related certifications (Certified for Windows 7, Certified for Windows Server, Certified for SQL Server, etc) please see our separate page on the subject.

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